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A company «Sonata» was founded in 2002 as a tourist company. With years of work «Sonata» conquered new and new niches in the field of tourism. We can confidently say that with us everyone can find a trip on his own taste. Ukraine develops constantly, and every year the amount of people traveling to Ukraine from abroad is growing, but visa barrier still exists. The purpose of the project is an assistance in getting visa for the residents of the countries, who need it.


We provide the services of visa support in Ukraine, which include providing of the official documents, which must be sent to the embassy of Ukraine in your country:

- inviting letter for tourist visa;

- official tourist voucher; 

- hotel booking confirmation;

- Sonata-Travel tourist voucher.


Information needed for visa support:

1. The scun copy of the first page of the passport

- full name,

- gender,

- nationality,

- date of birth,

- passport number,

- date of entry into and exit from the territory of Ukraine determined by the hotel or tour booking, 

- the country and city where the visa will be obtained.


The originals of the documents will be sent to your home address by the express delivery service. 


Documents required for the Ukrainian Consulate in your country:

1. Active passport,

2. Completed application form,

3. Tourist voucher (provided by our company),

4. Passport photographs (up to 3 photos)

5. Other documents, required by the particular consulate


Incoming services in Ukraine:

- hotel booking;

- meeting at the airport;

- transport services;

- guide services;

- interpreter services;

- conference services.


Cooperation with us will be not only advantageous but also pleasant! 


Our contacts:

Dmitrievskaya, 19a, of.4, Kyiv 01054  

Tel.: 38(044) 507-02-32 

Fax:38(044) 486-85-92  

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